Happy Diwali 2016 Greetings

India is the land of colors and celebration, all over the world Indians are known for their festival celebration. So lets make this festive season more special by bringing smile on the face of your near and dear ones by sending them Happy Diwali 2016 greetings. Diwali is among the major festival that is celebrated in all over country. As per the beliefs of the people, Deepavali is the festival of light and happiness. It is the sign of victory of truth over evil. On this day Hindus light up their homes and offices. They worship lord Ganesha for welfare and Goddess Laxmi for prosperity.  People on this day exchange the sweets and gifts among their friends and relatives. They send their friends family happy Diwali 2016 greeting sms messages.

happy diwali 2016 greetings cards

Happy Diwali 2016 Greeting Cards E-cards HD Wallpapers

As per the Hindu mythology this festival is celebrated in the celebration of comeback of lord Rama from the exile of 14 years. This remarks the victory of lord Rama over devil Ravana. Every year Diwali is celebrated in the month of October.  On the day of happy Diwali people burn the crackers lights up their house and prepare the presents like happy Diwali 2016 greetings cards.

happy diwali 2016 greeting

Happy Diwali 2016 Greeting Cards E-cards HD Wallpapers

On this eve everyone seems to be very enthusiastic for celebration of Happy Diwali 2016 festival. One month before the festival, people start buying new cloths, lights, candles and gifts. On the day of Diwali people meet each other . On this day people greet each other and share love and blessings, they also send Happy Diwali 2016 greeting sms for whatsapp twitter. In our day to day life we are so busy and tired that we don’t get time for get to gather with our friends and family, so festivals are the great occasion which such social get to gather.


Happy Diwali 2016 Greeting Cards E-cards HD Wallpapers

Hence people celebrate festivals in order to make themselves free up the from the busy life and for fun. All over the world wherever Indians resides they celebrate this festival with enthusiasm and passion. We all know Diwali is such a auspicious and important festival for all of us, so we can make it very special for our relatives, friends and near and dear ones. Greeting cards are very common gifts which we can send on this Happy Diwali 2016, so here we will give you the best ideas which will help you make this season of festival even more special. It is said single picture speaks thousand words, so if you can give a beautiful happy Diwali 2016 greeting card messages to your near and dear ones it will make their day.

In some parts of India Happy Diwali 2016 is celebrated even for 5 days as well. On the day of Happy Diwali 2016 people clean their houses 2-3 days before the night of festival, they decorate whole house with flowers, candles, rangoli, electric bulbs and lights etc. Rangoli has an immense importance on this festival. It is said that during mid night when goddess Laxmi comes to home, then rangoli is the first symbol of her welcome. That’s why people make so much effort in designing rangoli. It is made with different colours and pulses, seeds etc. On the day of Happy Diwali 2016 , schools are decorated in a very beautiful manner. Children make different kind of gifts for their parents, family , friends , relatives etc. In the evening people start firing the crackers. Whole of the week markets are decorated in a very beautiful manner, every year there is something new that is seen in the market. There are different type of lightening that are there in the market. New type of presents gifts etc are brought in market by different venders. Here in this post we will provide you the content regarding happy Diwali 2016 greetings.

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Happy Diwali 2016 Greeting Cards E-cards HD Wallpapers

Greetings cards are the most lovable and adorable way of expressing your feelings towards someone whom you like the most. This Happy Diwali 2016 instead of purchasing the cards from the markets you can make them at home as well. If you design the cards at home then you should keep in mind the following things. First of all cards background should be dark in colour, and most preferably it should be red in colour. Next thing is that the text written on it should be clearly visible and it should be beautifully designed. These kind of cards can touch the heart of your near and dear ones. As per the Hindu mythology darkness is the symbol of negativity, ignorance, and dullness, whereas light is the metaphor of knowledge and positivity. So on this day lightening represents the destruction of negative forces and illness. In laxmi pujan there is a very systematic way in which this puja is conducted.

This festival become more special because it gives us a chance for a get to gather with our relatives and friends. Not only in India rather in foreign countries also like New Zealand both the capital Wellington and the city of Auckland welcomes all the tourist whosoever is coming to the city. Tourist come here to attend public concerts, parties, events, and feasts for Happy Diwali 2016 in which celebrities are invited. The atmosphere in Auckland on Happy Diwali 2016 night is very energetic and enthusiastic. Everyone enjoys and give each other best wishes of Happy Diwali 2016. The best part of Happy Diwali 2016 is that we get a chance to meet our cousins, friends , relatives which is not possible during regular because of work pressure. When we are with our siblings that is the time which makes our bond of relation more stronger which that time we comes to know about each other. That day we cook delicious food for our siblings, give them gifts and talk what you feel about them. When all the friends and family members are gathered at a single place then begins the party, they play different type of games like truth and dare, cards, hide and seek, musical chair etc.

On Diwali 2016 most of the important part of this festival is Laxmi Puja. During Laxmi Pooja whole family gathers in front of statue of goddess Laxmi on a holy place. Goddess Laxmi statue represents the prosperity, she stands with two elephants on both her side and showing the gold coins. In Deepavali laxmi puja we chants the vedic manta on her name in order to welcome her to our home. In the end aarti is performed, which should be performed in a peaceful atmosphere. On Diwali various kind of foods and recipes are prepared, but as Diwali is basically a Hindu festival so it is kept in mind that no non vegetarian food is prepared this day. Here we are giving you the food ideas which you can prepare on this festival. So here is the list of recipes which you can prepare on this festival.

  • Make rangoli
  • Make 7 cup burfi
  • Make kulfi
  • Make pongal
  • Make rasgullas
  • Make jalebi
  • Make Gajar Ka halvah

Happy Diwali 2016 Greeting Cards E-cards HD Wallpapers

You can make this Happy Diwali 2016 very special for your near and dear ones. You can send them Happy Diwali 2016 greetings cards and can make them feel special. We can give you the best ideas regarding preparing the greeting cards for deepavali. This year make an exception and have a homemade card which would carry your personal insignia holding your unique imagination in creating a variety of new and innovative designs. So here we go, now we will tell you how to prepare the homemade happy Diwali 2016 greetings cards.

  1. Greeting Card with Diya in Centre.- First of all gather the material which is required to make this card, for this you will need the following things
  • Glue
  • Craft paper
  • Pattern or Handmade paper with different colours and design
  • Golden dusting powder
  • Sequins

Process of making Diwali Deepavali homemade Greeting Cards

  1. First of all, most important part of this card will be Diya which will be placed in the centre of cards.
  2. So first of all cut the diya from the Golden paper
  3. now draw a flame on yellow paper and cut it in a proper shape.
  4. Now cut and stick the homemade paper in front
  5. Now cut a bright colour paper in a proper shape and paste that in centre.
  6. Cut the same pattern, but an inch smaller than the white card stock paper. Stick it on the purple paper.
  7. Now apply the golden dusting powder on the edge of white cut out.
  8. Now attach the flame in the center of diya and card.
  9. Now you can decorate the with different things like glitters and sequins etc.

Not only cards we have brought to you the latest happy Diwali 2016 greetings messages also. Messages are the best way to share your feelings with your loved ones. Messages add the taste of sweetness in your relations, these shows your love and respect for your near and dear ones. Sending a greeting sms messages just take a few second of your precious time but it may add few moments of happiness in some one life. When you send message to someone it makes them feel very happy and special. It is said that festivals are the occasion which brings us close, and it is also a golden opportunity which gives us a chance to forget all the differences and bitterness and come closer to each other. So if you have some differences with some one, this Diwali send him a beautiful happy Diwali 2016 greetings wishes sms and lets eliminate this difference forever amongst ourselves. The beauty of these greetings cards which we are providing you is that they are totally new and beautiful which you can send to your friends relatives and family.


Happy Diwali 2016 Greeting Cards E-cards HD Wallpapers

Apart from messages, greeting cards etc, gifts are best option to bring someone closer to you. You have various types of gifts which you can offer and send to your friends. On this festive season, there is a huge discount on the sale of various products in market. Especially electronic products like TV, refrigerator, ac, washing machine etc are the most preferable choice of people on Diwali 2016 because of the heavy discount that market offer to them. In this festive season there is a positive impact on the stock market as well, during this season there is a huge flow of moany in the market and it is estimated that sensex will be on its peak during this festival season.

In this post we have shared with you everything regarding Diwali like why Diwali is celebrated, how to celebrate this festival, about its history, how people celebrate this festival in various parts of world, its importance in Hindu culture, people beliefs regarding this festival. Apart from this we have also shared with you different type of gifts and presents which you can give to your near and dear ones. In today’s world social media plays an important role in every aspect of our life. We see every kind of stuff getting viral on social media, so friends if you like the content provided by us then please don’t forget to share the this on social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin, stumbleupon, redditt etc and spread the happiness everywhere.

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